Helping Baby Boomers Move

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Moving is never easy but for some older adults it can be overwhelming; especially if it involves downsizing from a larger family home. It some cases it can completely paralyze them and prevent them from making the decision that will ultimately reduce their stress and improve their quality of life.

Here are 5 tips to help with moving a baby boomer: (you know who you are)

1) Plan ahead.

A lifetime of belongings takes more than a day or two to sort. For some, the belongings also come with a lifetime of memories. This can be a difficult process both physically and emotionally and plenty of time should be planned to weed through all those things. It helps to have someone who can be objective help with this process. Someone who can determine whether the item truly is something needed in the new home.

2) Create categories.

Will the item be sold, gifted, donated, thrown away, or should it go to the new home? I recommend making space in different rooms and designating those rooms by category. This will also help when making the final donation, gifting, or move.

3) Write down everything and keep lists.

There are a lot of small details and writing them down will help you remember them all. It is sometimes helpful to put a deadline on each thing on the list so that you can stay focused and feel good about checking them off. At the end of each week, look to see what was and wasn’t done. It is rewarding to know that you are getting things accomplished and it allows you to edit the lists and priorities without losing important details; keeping you on track.

4) Have a plan for the new place.

Create a floor plan and know the measurements so that you know what you can fit and what must stay behind. It will save you money by not paying for moving furniture that doesn’t fit, and it saves time on moving day.

5) Look forward to the future.

There is a reason that you are moving. Sometimes it is desired and sometimes it is necessary but always it can be a positive experience. It is an emotional time and many baby boomers will focus on the things they are leaving behind. For all the worry, I hear time and time again that they wish they had done the move sooner. Most people are much happier when they are no longer burdened with maintaining an older and bigger home. They often no longer have to deal with stairs and immobility. They can live near family or make new friends who become a source of joy. If moving is still overwhelming, there are specialists out there to help. Realtors will help you prepare your home for sale and help you find a new home that will fit your lifestyle. Estate and organizing companies can help you downsize and get organized. Financial planners can keep you on track to financial security as you make big changes that effect your financial portfolio. Do what you can and call a professional if you need help. Make a plan and plan for a better future. You can do this!

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