Why live in the Hampton Roads Peninsula!

Coastal Virginia, and particularly the Hampton Roads Peninsula, is a fairly transient area. We have a large military presence, the shipyards, NASA, tourism, and one of the largest ports on the east coast that make this area a prime distribution hub for major companies around the country.

We have several Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine and Coast Guard stations based in the area. The largest of these are Ft. Eustis Army Post, Langley AF Base, the Norfolk Naval Base, and Portsmouth Navy Medical Center. Some military members are in the area for a few short years but many stay in the area because of the extensive resources offered for their members and retirees; for example the VA Medical center.

Of course there are many more reasons for someone to come and stay in Hampton Roads, VA. In fact I believe it is one of the best places to live in the country. Here are a few of my top reasons:

1) The weather is great here. We have all the seasons; hot Summer days perfect for our extensive water sports, green cool Spring weather that typically begins around March, beautiful colors of foliage in the Fall, and mild Winters with only occasional snow.

2) Hampton Roads is very central along the east coast. It is nearly the half way point between New England and Florida. Because of our proximity along the east coast and as a coastal community , we are a natural draw to businesses and industry and have a wide array of job opportunities to choose from.

3) Coastal Virginia obviously offers miles of beaches and summer attractions but it is also within 3-4 hours of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Shenandoah. It is also within 3 hours of Washington D.C. If it is not here, you can find it in half a day.

4) From Virginia Beach to Williamsburg, you can find examples of the arts, music, shopping, cultural events, Busch Gardens and Water Country, and the festivals….oh the festivals!

5) The Historic Triangle is full of history from the Jamestown Settlement to the battles at Yorktown to the political hub that was Williamsburg and is now known for the College of William and Mary.

6) Speaking of Colleges, we have Old Dominion University, Christopher Newport University, Hampton University, William and Mary and dozens of private and community colleges are based in the area.

7) We have The Eastern Virginia Medical School and some of the top medical facilities in the country.

8) On the peninsula, we have minimal traffic. The is occasional rush hours slow downs but typically it is a short 15- 30 minute drive to get an.

9) There is a ton of green space and parks to enjoy in Hampton Roads. From the great Dismal Swamp of the south to the Newport News Park in the north, nature is preserved and invites us to trail blaze, picnic, camp, kayak, and bike just name a few things.

10) If sitting on the beach is not your thing in the summer, you can join the sea lovers in boating and fishing the waters that lead to the Chesapeake Bay. Not only boating and fishing but also jet skiing, water skiing, crabbing, kayaking, and swimming. I’m sure I’m missing something.

For all the things that Hampton Roads, Virginia has to offer the cost of living is very reasonable.

As a military child and spouse, I travelled all over the world. I lived in many wonderful places to include several states and countries. There are lots of great places to live and visit but, in my opinion, none have all that Coastal Virginia and Hampton Roads can offer. It is a GREAT place to live, raise a family, and build a life.

As a Realtor it is my pleasure to share my love and excitement about living in Coastal Virginia to the many people who find themselves coming to Virginia for the first time. There is a home for everyone and I love helping buyers who want to join me in making Hampton Roads their home too!

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